I’m sorry for the long time that i haven’t updated a single chapter for Master’s Smile, now i’m completely away from rural area and have good internet connection it’s time to continue for the next chapter.. Advertisements


This week will be a little bit late for my translation on chapter 6 because i have some bussiness in rural area, but i’ll translated bit by bit so that i can progress without issue and posted it as soon as possible ..

Finally new release^^

It’s been a hectic day for me when translating this chapter, have too much that i have to do IRL, but i won’t give up. So enjoy and read it give me you’re support guys don’t forget to comment if i’ve done something wrong with it^^

New series OTW

Finally, I have decided a new series to pick up. I found this on novelupdates pickup request thread a few day back and decided to TL. WatDaMeow (the last TL) haven’t TL or update for the last 3 months so I decided to pick it up since I found it very interesting. My grammar might … More New series OTW